What is a quick cash advance or fast payday loan?

It is, quite literally, quick cash when you need it!

There are a number of terms that are synonymous with cash advance, such as payday loan, payroll advance, no fax cash advance, faxless cash advance and cash advance online. No matter what you call it, a quick cash advance is a short-term loan agreement between you and a payday lender, typically for a small amount of money. This unsecured, low fee payday loan is specifically designed to help people from all walks of life obtain the money they need, quickly and conveniently. Whether there’s an unexpected financial emergency or you simply want money to buy a shower gift, a quick cash advance can be a great help.

A quick cash advance as obtained through the assistance of Payday-LoanShop.com and granted by a payday lender ranges in amount from $100 to $1,000. It is ideal for anyone who needs quick cash, handled discreetly. If you are facing a cash dilemma and your checkbook has been stretched thin as a result of a temporary reduction of wages, surprise bill for emergency room services or cost of repairs for that family car then you can use a quick cash advance. If you are planning a vacation across Europe and find yourself a little short when you need money for travelers’ checks, a quick cash advance is also for you.

Any form of short-term payday loan you may obtain from the lending network Payday-LoanShop.com works with is typically considered an unsecured loan. An unsecured loan is a loan obtained without collateral that can be used for any purpose. Please inquire with your lender for additional information.

Many consumers from all walks of life choose cash advance loans for several reasons. Some cite the fact that applying for cash advances online via Payday-LoanShop.com is significantly safer and less expensive than incurring costly NSF (insufficient funds) penalty fees for overdrafting their checking accounts or being hit with penalties for paying bills late. Yet others love the service Payday-LoanShop.com offers them because it’s a fast and discreet way to obtain a little well-needed cash. Apply today for a quick cash advance by completing Payday-LoanShop.com’s easy online application.