Is there an application fee for a payday loan or cash advance online?

Let’s face the facts. Living in this world has become increasingly expensive. No matter what walk of life you come from, it’s impossible not to notice how the prices of basic essentials have risen in a very short period of time. Among other reasons, this is why online payday loans, like the ones helps consumers find, have remained such a viable, in–demand financial product. People need money during emergencies, and online cash advances are not only a viable and attainable option, but also a popular one. That is why an increasing number of customers have turned to in their time of need.

However, there are numerous consumers who need quick cash for short-term financial assistance, yet shy away from this easy, convenient, accessible payday loan product due to the fear that these services may carry a laundry list of hidden fees.

At, we do not and will never charge you any kind of fee as part of the application process.

The only thing you will be responsible for will be the re-payment of the principle of your cash advance loan, plus your payday lender’s fees.

Please inquire with your specific lender for more details regarding fees. Moreover, carefully read the terms and conditions located on your lender’s website for more details regarding any fees associated with your short-term loan.

So if you need some emergency cash and want a hassle-free payday loan, click “Apply Now” to begin the process. You could have the money you need deposited into your checking account when you need it, with a little help from!