Is it safe to apply for a No Fax Payday Loan online with

Here at, we’re committed to protecting your privacy. Period. There’s no need to worry that your sensitive personal, financial and employment information will be intercepted by unauthorized parties. Thanks to both the encryption technology we utilize and the skilled, experienced technical staff who work for, you are in great hands.

When you apply for a cash advance via’s easy online application, we collect only the most essential information. This includes your name, date of birth, telephone number(s), home address, E-mail address, Social Security number, employment information, income information, banking information, personal references and any other information that you provide to us. All of this helps us connect you with a payday lender who may have a short-term payday loan product may that be of interest to you.

From the moment you begin to do business with by entering your information into our online application form, you can rest easy knowing that we use industry-standard encryption for utmost security in processing and storing your sensitive information. Your information is stored in a technically and physically secure environment, which includes the very latest in encryption technology and top-notch technical staff whose goal it is to make sure your data is protected from online identity thieves. We employ staff with many decades of combined experience in the field of data security. Each person on’s expert staff is committed to providing your sensitive personal information with the privacy it deserves.

Technologies utilized in the protection of your personal, financial and employment information include Rapid Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption at the 128-bit level, which is the highest level of protection possible for online financial transactions. By encrypting your sensitive personal, financial and employment data, we are protecting whatever information you submit via our Web site from being read by unauthorized parties. Moreover, we are constantly striving to improve our methods with the most effective new technologies. If a better means of protecting your data becomes available, we will incorporate it when we serve your cash advance needs.

We worry about keeping your information safe just as much as you do. Honestly, life is difficult enough. Who wants to waste time worrying about whether your information is in the proper hands? We take every possible measure to protect your sensitive information from identity theft. Your privacy is’s business. Our goal is to help you keep it that way when you apply for a payday loan with us. We appreciate your business. Thank you for using!